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Motivarti Mission Statement

Motivarti is an organization dedicated to providing resources, networking, and inspiration for people who create art related to the entertainment industry. Whether you’re a working professional, a recent graduate, or a student, you’ll find lectures, classes, workshops, and events that will broaden your creative horizons. Motivarti strives to bring together an alliance of entertainment artists, as well as providing motivation and resources to support the community.

The Founding & Humble Beginnings

Jackie and Laura

Motivarti began as a student club at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. The club was called Picture This, and the goal was to bridge the gap between the student experience and the working world. We did this by inviting entertainment industry professionals to share their experience with a group of students in an open-dialogue, Q&A format.

The interest among students was immediate, and the results were phenomenal. The speakers were inspiring and informative, and their advice made a career in the entertainment industry seem both tangible and attainable.

We feel that more people should have access to this information and inspiration. We created Motivarti to pick up where Picture This left off, and to expand its potential even further. We look forward to continuing to provide access to the experience and advice of industry professionals, as well as offering relevant classes and workshops that will sharpen the skills needed to build and maintain a career in the entertainment industry.

Motivation is defined as the driving force that causes us to achieve our goals. Our hope is that you will find inspiration and motivation in the resources we provide. We look forward to building an alliance of entertainment artists, and promoting the growth of entertainment art.

About the Founders

Jackie Huang
Founder & Director of Mentorships
Jackie Huang moved to Los Angeles after high school to attend the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts. Shortly after graduating, she returned to school to study illustration at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. She still makes “pictures,” just of a different kind now.


Laura WestLaura West
Director of Marketing & Director of Courses
Laura West is an illustrator based in Los Angeles. She has an English degree from Bates College, as well as a BFA from Art Center College of Design. She is fond of hiking, dogs, and Rapidograph pens.

JessieGreenbergJessie Greenberg
Director of Communications
Jessie Greenberg is a storyboard artist, comic artist & dinosaur located in Burbank, CA. She is fond of Disneyland, polka dots, & discussing story structure.

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