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Congrats Fall 2016 Mentees!


Our final mentorship program has officially kicked off!  We had almost twice as many applicants as any other session so we want to thank everyone who applied for the Fall 2016 session.  While we wish we could have accepted everyone, our mentors only have a limited number of time to participate.  After much deliberation, we are pleased to present our Fall 2016 Motivarti Mentorship Mentees!

Chris Perry (Brian Ajhar)

Janet Chong (Michel Breton)

Bosmat Agayoff (Michel Breton)

Daniella Rosu-Ortiz (Elsa Chang)

Meg Omac (Garrett Hanna)

Justin Kauffman (Garrett Hanna)

Maya Shavzin (Garrett Hanna)

Stephen Kissel (Meg Hunt)

Kayla Jones (Meg Hunt)

Alice Yang (Meg Hunt)

Steph Waldo (Ben Juwono)

Holly Szczypka (Taylor Krahenbuhl)

Izabella Abreu (Bobby Pontillas)

Rebecca McVeigh (Octavio Rodriguez)

Katerina Pantela (Evgeni Tomov)

Victoria Shifke (Evgeni Tomov)

Erin Shin (Nicolas Weis)

Brett Carville (Nicolas Weis)

Jessica Mao (Mike Yamada)

Janice Rosenthal (Mike Yamada)

Congrats again to our fall 2016 mentees!

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