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Mentor of the Day: Evgeni Tomov


by Evgeni Tomov

We are excited to have Evgeni Tomvo return for our final Mentorship term! He is a beloved Production Designer, Concept Artist, and Illustrator throughout the animation industry. You may know him for his work on internationally acclaimed “The Triplets of Belleville”, “The Illusionist”, “The Tale of Despereaux” and “Arthur Christmas”. He is currently in development on new and exciting projects in Los Angeles! Evgeni is ready to share his knowledge with two Mentees for our Fall 2016 term!

When we asked Fall 2015 Mentee, Beverly Chen, about her time Mentoring under Evgeni, she had nothing but praise, “During this mentorship, I was able to pinpoint a lot of habits/tendencies I had developed that were not helping my images and with Evgeni’s guidance, I was able to address them. I feel like I have a new level of awareness in how to make my pieces stronger! I really appreciated that Evgeni was extremely generous with his time and patient in working with me.”

Evgeni is accepting two Mentees from anywhere in the world! He is additionally fluent in Russian and Bulgarian! We can’t wait to see how much Evgeni’s two Mentees will grow under his guidance!

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