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Mentor of the Day: Taylor Krahenbuhl

Taylor Krahenbuhl-4

Although this is our final mentorship session, we still wanted to create the best list of mentors as we could and are happy to have two new mentors joining us and Taylor Krahenbul is one of them!

A graduate from Brigham Young University, Taylor began his career with a story artist in the talent development program at Walt Disney Feature Animation.  From there he went on to work as a concept designer for Disney Interactive, EA’s PopCap Games, and ArenaNet. He has also previously worked for Paramount, Duncan Studios, Blue Sky, and Reel FX as a character designer.  In 2015 Taylor was asked to come aid in the development for the new “Tangled, Before Ever After” series for Disney TV, which is where he is now working.

Taylor is taking on one mentee from anywhere in the world.  With a focus on character design, his ideal mentee is someone who is committed, hard-working and is willing to stretch him/herself in the world of character design.

Taylor plans on focusing the ten weeks around the needs of his mentee. “Dependent upon the artist and specific needs -the working plan will be structured around character design styles, keeping a sketchbook, and interjecting personality and story to your character design assignments. Each phase will be divided evenly over the ten week period.”

Learn more about Taylor over on his tumblr, and read this interview and this one where he discusses his background and process.  Then be sure to check out his profile page before applying to be his mentee!  We’re very thankful to have Taylor joining us on our final journey so we hope you take advantage too!

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  1. Amy #

    This is really dorky to post but I hope he picks me and I love his work!!

    July 14, 2016

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