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Mentor of the Day: Octavio Rodriguez


Interested in storyboarding?  Then Octavio Rodriguez is the mentor you’ve been searching for!  Octavio has been with Motivarti from it’s very beginning.  He has had nothing but fantastic reviews as a mentor and we’re grateful he’s returning to finish our program out with us.

Last session his mentee, Aaron Fryer, went through the program with fantastic results.

When asked how the mentorship went,  Aaron said, “I was most interested in learning to identify and focus on the ‘skeleton of the story’ and be able to build a story from the ground up, whether from an outline or for a short I’m making…I feel like over the course of the mentorship I’ve learned to clarify the beats in my storyboards, and to tell much more effective and concise stories in general. I think that, along with better understanding how to build the framework of a story are the biggest takeaways.”

Aaron wound up completing a new piece for his feature storyboard portfolio, cleaned up his portfolio in general, and complete a passing test for a Dreamworks feature story position. Aaron even informed Motivarti that he eventually wound up being promoted from a storyboard revisionist to a full time board artist for Dreamworks TV.  Congrats Aaron!  (check out some of his work below)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 So if you’re looking to improve your boarding skills, be sure to check out Octavio’s profile and apply soon!
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