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Mentor of the Day: Brenda Chapman

We’re more than excited to announce Brenda Chapman as one our amazing Motivarti Mentors for this coming Fall 2012!

As one of the directors of the most recent Pixar film, Brave, Brenda has many accolades under her belt, including being the first woman to ever direct a feature film at a major Hollywood animation studio.  (It was Prince of Egypt, for DreamWorks Animation back in 1998).  On top of that, she’s worked as a story artist on many of Disney’s most famous films including, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and even won an Annie for being Head of Story on The Lion King.  Those are just a few films off her extensive resume!

An expert in storytelling, Brenda has joined Motivarti in hopes to see my mentee succeed in their goals. She hopes to broaden her mentee’s scope of possibilities within their storytelling. and grow as an artist. “I would get great satisfaction out of that,” Chapman says.

In terms of what she’s looking for, Brenda is open to taking on one super dedicated mentee somewhere along the west coast of the US.  Her ideal mentee is someone who truly wants to become a great story teller whether through words or pictures (both moving and still).  “I expect an effort to be made to learn – I may give an assignment, or make a suggestion that requires some writing or drawing to be done. I will expect the mentee to at least make the effort to do the assignments to learn something. I expect the appropriate amount of time to be spent on each assignment so that each or our “sessions” can progress forward instead of treading water in the same spot. I would be happy to consider different levels of experience, I just need to see a spark of story talent in their work.”

We’ve been getting a few questions regarding what kind of work can applicants submit in regards to Brenda.  Here’s what Brenda has to say,” I am more interested in the visual storytelling processes – so viz dev artists, storyboard artists and student directed films – not so much interested in animation tests – there are better people to mentor animators then me. I feel scripts and visuals go hand in hand for animation – so I feel that just writing is limiting without a counterpart who does the visuals… also, I feel there are script writers more qualified than I for that mentorship.”  So for all you writers out there, we’re more than happy to have applicants submit scripts and/or writing samples (please, keep them short) but please also include some form of visuals that showcase your level of artistic ability.

For more information about what Brenda’s looking for, check out her mentor page.  If you think you have that ‘spark of story talent’ apply soon!

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